I am an Artist Although I appreciate various styles in the visual arts, I work mostly in portraits and figures in the classical tradition; the classical tradition provides the tools I find most able to express my art.

At the University of California Berkeley I study the fall of empires and the aspirations that gave rise to the modern world.

While in college, I was on the UC Berkeley Boxing Team, highlight of my college experience; I continue to train and participate in competition

I once agreed to a draw in a chess match with Grandmaster Alexander Baburin (he was giving a simultaneous exhibition); in high school I was on the chess team and participated in varsity tennis.

I play the Irish Flutefeadóg stáin, and Classical Guitar; I am beginning piano.

I can program in C /C++, Python, html

I am proficient in  Photoshop, GIMP, Final Cut Pro

I can speak (in order of fluency) English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, and very minimal Welsh
    More about my Education University of California Berkeley
    • BA in History with Concentration in Early Modern Intellectual Thought, 2011
    • Coursework included: European Intellectual History, American Intellectual History, The Enlightenment, The Faust Legend in German Culture, Medieval Courtly Love, The Industrial Revolution, The French Revolution, Intellectual History of Medieval Violence, Game Theory, Business Leadership, Revolutionary Change in the 20th Century, Multi-variable Calculus, Economic History of the 19th Century, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Seminar in Entrepreneurship, Physics for Scientists and Engineers
    Academy of Art University
    • Coursework included: Photography, Oil Painting, Life Drawing, Anatomical Sculpture
    Laney College
    • Coursework included: Formal Logic, Portraiture, Life Drawing, Piano, Biology